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Job Description


The purpose of the Associate Pastor of Family Ministry is to engage our church community in faith formation so we can draw closer to God through the spiritual development of children, youth, and families thereby being equipped as disciples and leaders to go into the world as Christ.



Holy Covenant UMC will be known as a place of diversity, socially, racially, theologically, and politically, where children, youth, and adults are serious about growing in grace and love so we can corporately and individual help others come to know the power and justice of the Good News of Jesus Christ.



Lead, manage, and direct lay persons and ministry teams in the planning, preparation, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of a comprehensive educational plan for children, youth, and adults at Holy Covenant UMC to foster community and maturing discipleship by including components of prayer, worship, servanthood, gifts, service, fellowship, and outreach. Areas of focus are :

  • Children's Ministry Team (Birth-Grade 5)
  • Confirmation Ministry Team (6th grade)
  • Youth Ministry Team
    • Middle School (7th and 8th)
    • High School (Grades 9-12)
  • Adult Education Ministry Team

Develop programs for  nursery, children, youth and adults by coordinating with the age specific ministry teams.

  • to recruit, train, and empower servant leaders who will participate in and provide a network of support and programming for children, youth, and adults within and beyond the congregation.
  • to lead the process of identifying and developing new ministries that achieve the overall objective of Holy Covenant UMC for children, youth, and adult faith formation.
  • to work with the staff, servant leaders, and ministry teams to promote the church’s mission and vision while developing new ways to extend our reach.

Educate and encourage respective ministry teams to:

  • Demonstrate service and outreach as a key faith expression in all programs and ministries.
  • Ensure the selection or development of biblically and theologically sound curriculum for all ages.
  • Maintain a caring environment that provides nurturing relationships and activities resulting in a welcoming atmosphere of respect, growth, and belonging.
  • Be intentional about building relationships with parents of children and youth.
  • Provide children and youth the opportunity for meaningful church involvement and leadership.
  • Provide opportunities for multi level relationships within the church community. (e.g. covenant groups, prayer partners, small groups; fellowship meals, seasonal events)

Ensuring Safe Environment

Assist in the composition and compliance of a Ministry Safe Policy particular to the needs of Holy Covenant UMC, including:

  • administering and maintaining accurate records of servant leaders' background checks
  • maintaining updated records for children, confirmands, youth and active adult servant leaders.  


  • provide clear and regular communication with servant leaders, youth, parents, adults, staff, Ad Council, and congregation through all current HCUMC communication processes.
    • Video Monitors. Newsletters; Website, Seasonal Brochures, Weekly Emails, Information Center Brochures, Bulletin Boards, etc.
  • provide ministry highlight and personal faith stories via video clips or PowerPoint.
  • attend bi-monthly staff meetings
  • attend monthly Ad Council meetings
  • prepare/manage annual budgets of children, youth, and family ministries programs and ministries.

Worship Responsibilities

  • Attend both worship services each week
  • Occasionally participate in leadership as is appropriate for gifts and calling



The Associate Pastor of Family Ministry position requires flexible hours, including evenings and weekends as well as worship attendance and occasional worship leadership. The position is full time and salaried based upon forty (40) hours per week. The actual number of hours required during any given week are those needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. It is recognized that the schedule may vary at different times of the year.



The Associate Pastor of Family Ministry will be accountable to the congregation and its mission, under the supervision and direction of the Senior Pastor. The Associate Pastor of Family Ministry will supervise the Nursery Coordinator (part-time), in addition to the myriad of servant leaders that further staff these ministries.



  • Masters Degree from an accredited seminary with a focus on Christian Education.
  • Seeking or Acquired Ordination for Deacon or Elder Orders within the United Methodist Church
  • Preferred experience includes working with diversity of children, youth, and adults from all ages, races, nations, and orientations.  



  • Christ-centered:
    • gives their best to serve others;
    • exhibits humility, compassion, and forgiveness;
    • models Christian discipleship through the regular practice of spiritual disciplines.
  • Entrepreneurial:
    • thrives in a creative outside the box environment;
    • is not afraid to learn from failure and adapt to new models;
    • has successfully taken a vision from design to implementation.
  • Servant Leadership:
    • generates enthusiasm in others;
    • celebrates others’ success;
    • delegates routine and important tasks, decisions, responsibilities, and accountability;
    • maintains strict confidentiality.
  • Communicator:
    • excellent written and verbal skills;
    • adept in the use of social media tools;
    • responds to communications in a timely fashion.
  • Responsible and self-motivated:
    • able to organize and manage the work load and schedule;
    • has a proven record of being punctual and prepared.
  • Theologically and culturally progressive:
    • has a passion for working with diverse cultures and people of all ages, races, and orientations;
    • has a comprehensive understanding of United Methodist theology.
  • Adaptable:
    • has the ability to anticipate membership growth and programmatic evolution  in order to adjust ministry programs and events.
  • Passionate:
    • has a heart for children, youth, and adult faith development
    • has a desire to work with all ages of disciples - cradle to grave.
    • has a working knowledge of child development principles and current youth culture.


Please forward resumes to Rev. Carol D. Sparks, senior pastor, Holy Covenant United Methodist Church at  


MICAH 6:8 He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?