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Prayer Ministry

Prayer Requests

If you have any cares or concerns that you would like to have added to our prayer request list, please send an email to our Administrative Assistant or call the church office at 972-492-2432.

Pastoral Emergency

If you require comfort or care outside of church office hours, please contact the pastoral emergency hotline at 972-492-2432.

Prayer Chapel

2nd floor of the Covenant Center.

This special room has been dedicated for prayer, reflection and meditation. It is a peaceful room equipped with an altar, music, candles, and a Bible to create a meditative atmosphere for all who enter this space.

A beautiful piece of Holy Covenant history lives on in the form of a large wooden cross on the back wall of our chapel. Created by church member Joy Kees, it is made from the old wooden organ pipes taken from Holy Covenant's original church organ. We invite you to experience this chapel as a peaceful place to be with God.

Linda’s Labyrinth

labyrinthLocated on the east lawn outside the main sanctuary.

Linda’s Labyrinth was dedicated in December 2001 as a place of introspection and meditation. Following the labyrinth path quiets the mind, releasing spiritual energy to be present in God, and to experience that presence of holiness=wholeness. This experience of holiness=wholeness is real, as we wind along the path and come to the Center. Prayer rises in our conscious-unconscious, opening us to being, beyond our selves.

The labyrinth is open for everyone to walk anytime from dawn to dusk with friends or alone. It just may be what is needed to calm the chaos.

In the 13th century, labyrinths were constructed in cathedrals so that devout Christians, instead of making the costly and perilous pilgrimage to the Holy Land, could travel to one of these sites and walk the labyrinth, which would represent their arrival in Jerusalem.

Today, however, the labyrinth walk is commonly used as a metaphor of one’s life journey. As the pathway design is complicated, it is not possible to discern the entire pattern at one time. Thus, it is similar to our life journey in that we cannot see ahead and know where our journey will lead us.

This style was designed by Lea Goode in 1997 for the Angelica Center in Santa Rosa, CA. Goode and her friend drew “with our hearts and minds and toes” in the sand. Later that evening, bringing out the compass and a notepad, she began with eight concentric circles and marveled as the labyrinth took shape.

MICAH 6:8 He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?