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Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

Holy Covenant United Methodist Church is blessed with members who are dedicated to maintaining healthy relationships amongst the staff and the congregation.

The SPRC committee meets monthly and performs duties such as interviewing and hiring staff members, developing job descriptions, facilitating performance reviews, addressing interpersonal issues, and requesting the annual staff salaries budget. The committee also works to anticipate future staff needs.

2017 Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee

Sylvia Jones (Chair)

Vicki Davis

Elliott Beard

Clark Ackerman

Gary Barnes

Jennifer Baumgardner

Lezlie Baile

Shannon LaGrone

Donna Hatter

Rev. Carol Sparks, Senior Pastor

How Can I Support our Church Staff?

Each member of the staff has a great love for Jesus Christ. You can help by expressing your appreciation for the work that they do. Kind words, a supportive hug or a short note are always great ways to communicate support to a staff member. The staff works diligently to provide a place of worship where people can learn about God's love.

Please respect staff persons' time off. Staff members often attend meetings on weekday nights in addition to working their normal workday. Staff persons will usually have one weekday off since they also work on Sunday. If you need to reach a staff member on their weekday day off, please call the church office. The church office will typically have a number where the staff can be contacted in an emergency. If there is an emergency during a time that the church office is not open, please call the church office and the recording will provide a phone number that you can call.

The best way to help our staff is to volunteer your time to support an area of ministry. The church cannot provide effective ministry without a large team of volunteers. When church members become part of the team, they give our staff, our church, and themselves the greatest gift of all.

What Do I Do if I Am Concerned about the Performance of a Staff Member?

Working on the church staff is a physically and emotionally demanding job. Please keep this in mind as you have concerns that relate to a staff member. If you have a concern, you may want to share the concern with a trusted friend or your spouse to obtain some perspective on the concern and to sort out the validity and importance of the issue. Avoid making negative statements that are not constructive to groups of church members. Denigrating a staff member in a non-constructive manner brings harm to the church family.

Take the time to share your concern directly with the staff member. Be specific and avoid global statements. As an example, using the phrase …"It concerns me that you have been 15 minutes late to our last four meetings." is preferable to …"You are always late!".

Express negative feelings as needed, but also express your love and support. If the staff member does not resolve the issue and you believe this is a significant issue, you should express your concern to the Senior Pastor and/or the Chairperson of the Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee.

The speed with which you move through this process should depend on the nature of the issue. For example, if you believe that the staff person's actions are likely to result in significant danger to themselves or others, you should very rapidly communicate this concern to the staff member, Senior Pastor, and Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee Chairperson.

Holy Covenant United Methodist Church has a written policy against sexual harassment and is committed to providing a safe work environment. These types of problems may require different action than what is stated above. Persons should also be aware that Texas state law requires that you make a prompt report to the State if you suspect that children or elderly persons have been abused (800-252-5400).

This is somber information. We work to ensure our church is a place where all persons are treated with the love, care, and respect that is exemplified by Jesus Christ. If that is not occurring, we want to do all that is within our power to address the problem. We seek to remove all barriers that block effective ministry.

Holy Covenant United Methodist Church has a gifted and talented staff. Our staff continues to learn and develop new skills as our church grows in spirit and service to Jesus Christ. Our pastors and staff exist to serve God, our congregation and our community following Christ's example of loving labor with a servant's heart.

MICAH 6:8 He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?