Confirmand Credo by Robby Ischy

Robby IschyI believe in God, who made everything, and loves us all I believe in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross and resurrected

I believe in the Holy Spirit, who is like God’s messenger

I believe people are all creations of God

I believe sin is a good thing, because it shows God’s love towards us by him forgiving us, and so we know not to do that sin again

I believe salvation is being saved by believing

I believe the Bible is like an instruction manual that helps us live a better life

I believe the church is a group of people worshiping God and teaching others about him

I believe sacraments are baptism and communion, which is being accepted into God’s church and remembering the last supper

I believe that to live a good Christian life, you need to help, love, and teach others, and try to replicate Jesus