Holy Covenant Youth News: October 20, 2014

Can you believe October is already almost over?!  We had a blast at the State Fair last week, even with our detour home on the Green Line DART train.  I’ve updated the dates on the side bar here, please take note as we hope that you and your youth will join us for as many events as possible.  I know schedules can get full, so I am working to get dates out earlier and earlier. I’ll leave updated copies of the Calendar pinned to the bulletin board outside my office, feel free to grab one.  Of special note this week is the Church-Wide Auction.  We generate thousands of dollars for our church through this ONE event.  For our youth group, we help set up the Sanctuary on Thursday and then help set-up and break down the Covenant Center on Saturday.  We are given a generous donation that directly affects our budget each year, so it’s vital that we make our participation a priority.  A few hours for each youth, will go a long way for our entire ministry!  Otherwise, I’ve some ideas I wanted to share (see below), nothing helps me more than feedback, please fill my inbox up!        


Confirmation update

I wanted to give a general update to our youth ministry folks about where we’re at in Confirmation.   We just wrapped our unit on the Bible where we talked about a number of really interesting concepts like- What is truth vs fact?  Is the New Testament more important than the Old Testament?  Who wrote the Bible?  Why are there so many versions of the Bible?  As we explored these topics, we’ve begun to think critically about how we read and understand the Bible.  We’ve encountered new discoveries and even had our mind blown a few times!  The Confirmation group has dove into our music ministry and have also become an energetic part of UMYF on Sunday nights.  We’re still working on full integration with both older and younger youth, but I really am pleased with how well connections have been made thus far.  Lastly, we’re about begin our exploration of faith communities, starting with Masjid Al-Rahman right here in Carrollton.  I’ve met these folks, and they are incredibly kind and generous, wonderful people of faith who will be invaluable to our understanding of what it means to love our Muslim brothers and sisters.  A number of youth outside the Confirmation group have expressed interest in joining us, and I think that’d be great!  BUT, I need to know.  So just shoot me a line to give me a heads up.   

Inter-generational Advent Sunday School

Keep an eye out for details very soon about a wonderful opportunity to take part in an inter-generational Advent Study that the whole church will be doing!  We’re hoping to have a class full of children, youth, and adults- hopefully with some family units involved.  The study alone will be great, and it really lends itself to great family conversations and opportunities to connect during the Advent season.   

Service Opportunity with Harvey’s Kids

Update—–This past month was lighter turnout across the board.  Please mark down November 8th to come out and enjoy the evening with us!  Also, December is a longer period so families can shop for Christmas- mark down December 13th from 3-8 pm.    

To meet a number of goals, we’re going to start focusing on a service opportunity right here in our own church.  Harvey’s Kids is a respite care program for children with special needs and their siblings.  We provide the parents a night of rest and free time from their children.  We enjoy the wonderful presence and fun these children bring to our lives.  There are a few key goals we are able to meet with this new partnership.  

1.  We meet the need of Harvey’s Kids-  Every month we have requests for more families to join, and right now we really need reliable and committed volunteers to meet the needs that are growing.  

2.  We want to be of service-  I’ve heard from so many youth that service is a key component that we want to grow in, so this definitely allows for us to suspend our own want and desires for a few hours and be of service.  

3.  Fulfilling God’s command-  God calls us to serve and stand with the least, the lost, and the last.  Children with special needs fill any of these categories based on friendship opportunities in schools and social interaction with the population at-large.  We’re standing as representatives of God’s love.  

4.  We will be changed-  Our goal is to be of service and follow God, but ultimately, God will use this opportunity to change our hearts and minds and grow compassion and care for these wonderful children.  

Christmas Break Mission Trip!

This is just a feeler to see if there is any interest in joining a Christmas Break mission trip run by UM Army.  A few reasons I wanted to share this.  

1.  UM Army does a great job of providing good work and they are intentional about creating connections.  

2.  It is probably going to be hosted right here in Dallas, so it isn’t a huge drive.  

3.  It’s December 28- January 1.  I’m thinking it could break up Christmas break for anyone who’s staying locally and wants to do some good!  

4.  I know summers are crazy for some, so this might allow a different group of folks to enjoy mission work.  

5.  I’m thinking about a cool incentive-  If you bring a friend, you both come for free!  (I’ll work out scholarship money) But I would need to know that both of the youth are committed, so we don’t “lose” money through cancellations.

That being said, in order for us to start planning for this, I need to know who might be interested.  Shoot me a line with any questions or if your youth are interested.  Also, this isn’t meant to replace our summer mission trip, but just to provide another opportunity to serve and grow!  If we receive enough interest, we’ll plan a meeting in November to go over planning and details.     

Save the Dates!  




Set-up on Thursday 23rd 

6:30 -8 pm

Auction night (serve dinner)

Saturday 25th

5-7 pm


Trunk or Treat

Sunday 26th

Setup- 2-4 pm

Kids come-6-8 pm 

(Dinner provided for youth)






Youth Council meeting November 2nd 12:15-1:15 (lunch included)


Youth Worker meeting November 2nd 5-6 pm


Harvey’s Kids 

November 8th 

4:30-8 pm


Senior High to Six Flags 

November 15th


Junior High to Main Event November 17th 






Confirmation Visit to Mosque moved Oct. 29th!  




November 7th-8th!


Lunch and Hot Topics with Pastor Carol (date change)

Nov. 16th 12:15-1:30