Service Check-Up: September 2015

Service Check-Up

Holy Covenant UMC 

September 2015

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Lend a Hand

Supper Club

Work Week

Food Pantry




International Peace Day

Youth First


Upcoming Meetings

Missions          Oct 8    6:30

Advocates       Oct 13  7:00

Blood Drive Dates:

November 1

January 3


Harvey’s Kids Dates:

October 10

November 14


Check Out Advocates:


Check out the Holy Covenant Website for the new updated description of your Advocates for Justice and Peace.  With fidelity to the DNA of Holy Covenant, we invite all to join us at our regularly scheduled monthly meetings.  Next meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 16th.  We hope see you there!

It doesn’t feel like fall is in the air, but the calendar says it’s so!  Lots of great opportunities exist for Missions, Advocates for Peace and Justice, Elijah Connection, and Stephens Ministers.  Our goal is to keep you informed, and ensure you’re aware of all the opportunities for servanthood.

As a new information source, we’re anxious to hear what you think.  Simply Reply to this newsletter to provide your feedback.  We strive to make this valuable for you.  Let us hear from you!

Lend a Hand – or a Hammer  


Holy Covenant is partnering with the City of Carrollton and Metrocrest Social Services to assist residents with minor home repair issues.  Many Carrollton residents are in danger of ordinance violations, or simply don’t have the mobility to do work themselves.  They turn to these two agencies for assistance – and they have turned to us!  Mark your calendars now for October 2nd, 3rd, 9th, and 10th.  On these two weekends (Friday and Saturday), Holy Covenant volunteers will gather their hammers, paintbrushes, and yard tools to help our neighbors.

We will gather at the church at 9 am and be assigned work areas.  Teams will disperse to their sites, and spend the day completing their tasks.  There will be a break for lunch, which will be provided.  It is our hope that the residents of the home will join us for fellowship during this time.

We are looking for individuals to assist on the worksites, but also need help in the kitchen!  Can you help prepare a meal?  Can you donate food?  Sign up now!  See the table in the Service Station to let us know we can count on you!  Children between the ages of 13 and 18 will be allowed to participate if parents will sign a waiver.

Because the sites will be nearby, you will be able to volunteer for a few hours, or a few days.  We need all the help we can get to help our neighbors in need.

It’s important for us to know you’re coming!  Please register at the Service Station so we can properly match our skills with the work to be done.  We’re counting on 30 people each of the 4 work days.

Supper Club 

Elijah Connection 

Join us at 6 p.m. at Peters Colony Learning Center for our first Supper Club meeting with our neighbors! Dinner will be provided.

In ongoing months we will meet on the third Thursday of the month for dinner and community alternating

between Peters Colony Learning Center & Holy Covenant United Methodist Church.

Work Week 


Need a job?  Or just looking for a better one?  Holy Covenant can help!

September 21-25 marks Holy Covenant’s first Work Week, daily workshops designed to help you find a job.  Sessions will be held 7-9 pm daily.

Monday – How to Find a Job

Tuesday – Writing a Resume

Wednesday – How to Interview (including dressing for success)

Thursday – Mock Interviews

Friday – Job Application Assistance

Sessions are free, and childcare is provided.  Space is still available!  Go register at today!

Food Pantry Needs YOU!

Missions – Food Pantry

What:  Food Pantry pick up from Metrocrest


When:  Tuesday – choose to help once, once a month, or every week!


How:  contact Colleen Evans ([email protected]) to find out more or volunteer


Who: YOU!!!


SALT – Seek Accept Love Transform   


With the beginning of school comes the ramp up of our SALT program for this school year.  SALT is an elementary school program adults are paired with students from Furneaux and Davis schools.  There are a couple of ways that you can participate.  We have a reading program which requires 20 mins of your time each week to meet with the student and read.  Occasionally other activities may be given by the teacher.  If you cannot make a weekly commitment, there is a Lunch Buddy program that is a once a month meeting with a student at lunch.  During this time, you will eat and get to know the child.  This is a great opportunity for the child to get one on one care that they might not otherwise get.  

If you would like to volunteer but can’t make daytime commitments, there is a need for a volunteer coordinator for a side project for the teachers.

If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to Andrea Allen at [email protected] or call 214-402-3244 with any questions.  

If you’ve already expressed your interest in this program, be patient!  The schools are currently in the process of identifying the children with whom we will work.

Please volunteer to help these children in our community grow into great readers and students.  

Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (TCADP)


We have been thankful for a couple of recent “stays” of execution recently in Texas and there still have been NO death sentences imposed in Texas this calendar year.   There is a seismic shift in courtroom attitudes that has been noted in most Texas courts; one prosecutor was recently quoted in the Dallas Morning News, “The bloodlust is gone!”   There remain a number of executions on the 2015 calendar.  Your Advocates for Peace and Justice conduct 30-minute vigils on every execution date.  This is a time to come together, pray, remember the victims and make a public statement about state sanctioned killing.  Join us and meet in front of the HC sign.  

Upcoming dates are: 9/29- Perry Williams, 10/6- Juan Garcia, 10/14- Licho Escamilla.

Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN)


Reconciling Ministries Network is a collection of UMC individuals, communities, churches, student organizations, and others who support full inclusion of all people in the life of the United Methodist Church.  Currently, the Discipline (

law of the church) specifically discriminates against LBGTQ persons.  Advocates for Justice and Peace have joined the movement to publicly state that all persons should be allowed full participation in the life of the church.  We will conduct a sensing survey of the congregation during September and will use it as a guide for further steps as a church.  Please respond timely to this survey, as it is vital in our discernment and vision of making disciples.  Your input will help guide us to ultimately answer the question for our church, “Do we or Do we not?” move forward as an affiliate of the Reconciling Ministries Network.

International Peace Day


We hope you didn’t miss the stimulating panel discussion about Peace held on Sunday, September 13th

“Finding Peace in the Torah, Bible, and Quran” was moderated by award winning journalist, Jeffrey Weiss. Panelists were included Rev. Becky Hensley (aka Becky Walker), Dr. Amer Shakil, (President of the Islamic .Association of Carrollton), and a local Rabbi 

Youth First


“Breakfast for Dinner” provided by Holy Covenant has become one of the favorite events at the Dallas Resource Center’s Youth First Facility that provides support to marginalized youth and their families.  The next scheduled date is Friday evening, October 9th.  For those who would like to participate, please call Kathy Amos 469-867-7167.