Message from Pastor Carol: January 2016

Merry Christmas!

Are you wondering if you are reading the right blog? We are into the celebrations of the New Year and Christmas has been a done deal ever since the packages were opened and the family dinner dishes cleared. As weird as it may seem, it is still the season of Christmas. The twelve days following Christmas actually comprise the season of Christmas. I personally think it is important for all Christians to remember the gift of the manger as we consider the beginning of another year in our lives. What does it mean for us to embrace the hope, peace, joy and love brought to bear through birth of God into our world?
I ask that as you make New Year’s resolutions for 2016 that you allow each of these to inform the new life you embrace. Having a thinner waist is good but what about having a heart filled with hope even in the hard times, or a lifestyle of peace that leads to new relationships, or a spirit rooted in joy no matter your circumstances, or love even when expectations are not met? This is my wish for each of you…a year filled with the power of the manger bringing hope, peace, joy and love to bear in you.
Pastor Carol