Message from Pastor Carol: March 2016

Holy Week: Letting Go of Fear

Holy Week is an opportunity to experience the story of Jesus’ last week of humanity leading to his emergence as the risen Christ. It is a exercise of reflective meditation on the power of fear in our world and our individual lives.  The question to ponder is, “How do I participate in fear?” The answer(s) may awaken you to the power of sin in your  life.  (Remember ,”sin” is anything you allow to block you from the love of God.) Where fear reside, love cannot flourish.
We live is a world that is still fraught with fear,  religious and political elitism, adulterated power,  divisive allegiances, preventable wars, violence, and death.  If our message drawn from the resurrection is that love wins and fear loses, we, as disciples of Christ, need to be aware of our tendency to fall into fear and determine our approaches to hold onto the gifts of Christ – hope, peace, joy and love. Then we will be ready to help others do the same.

Pastor Carol