Youth Schedule for Fall 2016

Youth Schedule for Fall 2016

I will have printed calendars with all this laid out to take home on Sunday. But I wanted to talk about what we are doing so you can see it as a ministry overview not just a list of dates and activities. There may be some add ons or changes but this is basically what the fall with look like. Blessings,


Dating for Christian Teens

Our topic for the fall will be dating. We will discuss what dating look like today and what issues that may come with. We discuss the great possibilities for growth and harm that can occur. We will share our own view and give and get advice. We will also discuss where sex and sexuality come into play. 

Oct. 9- Basics

Oct 16- Character 

Oct 23- Sex

Nov 20- Hard Truth (With a lesson in dancing for activity)


The focus of our youth time is generally on study and with food pantry and other activities we do some service, but another important part of youth group is fun and fellowship. We will be going to Frightfest. We will leave at 9:30 after Sunday School. We will return at 10pm. You will need to pay your own way and meals. A season pass is worth it if you want my personal advice.

Six Flags Website

Youth Choir

Youth Choir will have only three rehearsals this fall for a performance Dec 11. If you plan to perform it is very important that you attend all three of these rehearsal times.

Nov 13   2:15-3:30pm

Nov 20   2:15-3:30pm

Dec 4     2:15-3:30pm

Performance Dec11

Food Pantry and More

The youth will be filling to sacks for the food pantry twice this fall during their UMY time after church. In Mathew 25 Jesus talks about feeding the poor and as we do it is if we were feeding Christ himself.

Oct 2 (water games outside to follow)

Nov 13th 

Thursday Nov 10 2-7pm is the 10th Annual Feast of Sharing Holiday Dinner. This is located at the Centennial Building at Fair Park. There are ways to be a part and serve. I will have more details to come. If you would like to get involved contact Roy Evans.

Self Defense

Over the summer just playing around on mission trip some of us were discussing Self Defense. I have taught at churches in the past. I don’t know if this would go well here so I thought we might do a three week trial to see if it is something that might fit with our programming. We will have a release form and all participants will need to have athletic clothing on. This would be after UMY from 2:30-3:30pm. This would require more discipline than we require for other programs.  


Harvey’s Kids

Another way we are encouraging service for the youth here at HCUMC is Harvey’s Kids. Once a month we are trying to have a male and a female youth volunteer with this ministry. Harvey’s Kids is a time for fun and play for children with special needs. Helping with Harvey’s Kids is also good preparation to help with Children’s SEEK Camp in the summer, which we would like to see our high school students become active in serving at.


Youth Leadership and Mentoring

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