Message from Pastor Carol: January 2017



When you spend even a small amount of time around children, you become acutely aware of how intently they watch everything you do and hear everything you say.  Many summers ago my nieces, Lilly and Katelyn, came to visit for several weeks during the summer. When they come we enjoy arts and crafts, baking, water fun and so much more. We revel in our time together and we look forward to each summer’s visit all year long.
After a glorious three week visit, the girls returned home to their parents in Florida. One weekend morning the girls got up and dressed in their finest princess dresses and attire. When their mother asked what was up, they announced, “We are going to church and tell everybody that Jesus loves them just like Aunt Cissy.” 
We continually live our lives before others. Every day we are given the opportunity to let our family, friends, co-workers, and more see how the love of God influences our choices, integrity and relationships. As 2017 appears before us, let’s commit to participate in a LOVE movement! Imagine if people watched each of us week by week and one Sunday awoke and said to their families, “I am going to church today because I saw the love of Jesus in my co-worker, friend, neighbor…”
I think the power of LOVE would begin to overtake the love of power.
See you on Sunday!
Pastor Carol