Message from Pastor Carol: October 2017

“We should be rigorous in judging ourselves and gracious in judging others.”John Wesley
Rigor is an interesting word when you consider synonyms that can be used to define the nuances of it – severity, thoroughness, inflexibility, precision. So what is John Wesley encouraging people of faith to do?
Perhaps each word provides complimentary perspectives. Spiritual disciplines lead to a fuller and more meaningful relationship and should be employed with severe dedication. Defining what it takes to seek holiness must be thorough in order to be a reflection of Christ for the world. To be inflexible is to be unwavering in our faith and devotion to a life lived in love.   And precision requires a exact and hyper-focused vision to serve others through acts of justice and not acts of judgment. 
I guess Mr. Wesley was on to something! If we submit our humanity to be transformed by faith, others can have faith in humanity.



Pastor Carol