Youth Stock Sales

It is time once again for the annual Holy Covenant Youth Stock Sale.  I was amazed at the generosity of the church last year (my first year to do it). I have never seen a church so strongly invest in their youth, and that is what your gifts are, an investment. You are investing in the lives of these young people. You are investing into who they are today and who they will be tomorrow.  The ministries you are supporting offer the possibility of a transformational experience with God and neighbor. This year we have two opportunities for youth.  First is our summer mission trip from June 26-30th. We will be working with the San Marcos River Work Camp and the cost is $400 per student. This will be our summer mission experience for youth who have completed the 6th grade. Generally the work is light home repair. We will also have fun activities like Schlitterbahn Water Park.  This is a fun way to go out into the world and literally be the hands of Christ caring for those in need. We will also be sending students to

Junior High Camp (JH) from July 17-2st. This is for youth who have completed 6-8th grade. This camp is held out at Camp Bridgeport on the lake. The cost is $375 per student. At camp United Methodist students from all over North Texas come together for worship, study, and fellowship. For many summer camp is a time where they not only grow closer to God but also build lasting Christian friendships. Many clergy look back to their summer camp experiences as pivotal times in their discerning of God’s call to a life of ministry. The cost of these events adds up for our families, but these events also can shape who our young people are and grow to be and so we all have a vested interest in supporting them. We appreciate you generosity and support and desire your prayers of support as well. 

Thank you.

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