Holy Conversations

Making Decisions TOGETHER
Working “together” is paramount to seeking God’s desires for what Holy Covenant will do in response to the General Conference decision to withhold ordination from members of the LBGTQAI community, deny and punish current ordained clergy the right to officiate same sex weddings, and continue the teaching that the practice of homosexuality is a sin.

What is the work before us as a community? The work is twofold.
First is the individual work. Each of us must ask ourselves what we believe, what theology or scripture informed our belief, what are we willing to do as a result of our belief, what are we willing to give up or sacrifice to make our “to do” happen and so forth. If we do not do our individual work, we will be impaired in our collective work.

Secondly is our collective work. Together we begin by answering five core questions.
1. Why are we doing this?
2. What do we want to do?
3. How do we want to do it?
4. When do we want to do it?
5. Where do we want to do it?
These seem simple enough but with many perspectives and thoughts, the answers require a commitment to work as one body honoring each member.

Holy Conversation Invitation
We will have two sessions of our community gathering after Sunday worship, sitting around tables and working the two-fold process to make a community decision consistent with our identity as a body of Christ and to reveal the desire of God regarding Holy Covenant’s response to the General Conference decision.

The first week (May 5th) of our Holy Conversation will guide us through the work of identifying what we individually believe. We will have resources, explanations and more to guide us in our understanding and clarification process. We will begin by presenting the actual General Conference legislative vote, the consequences of this vote on the UMC and HCUMC, as well as the some of the ways we can approach this work.
The second week (May 19th) of our Holy Conversation will be our collective work. It is in this gathering that we will consider the proposal for HC to host all weddings as well as other ways of responding to reveal God’s desire for our community to make a difference in the lives of others.

Pastor Carol On Call

It may not be possible for everyone to attend one or both of the Holy Conversations so Pastor Carol will be available on Thursday, May 9th and 16th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in the sanctuary to answer questions, review various materials and to help each of you in this challenging but vital work.