What is Happening This Week 5/26-5/29-22

            Holy Covenant Family,   We are on the eve of Memorial Day weekend. For many Texans it is the beginning of summer. A weekend with warm lovely weather, summer fun, cookouts, favorite water activities and travel. We also fly our American flags and wear red/white/blue patriotic clothes while we remember those, who while serving our country, entered heaven’s gates. This is such a sacrifice for the families and our country. We are able to live freely because of their service and sacrifice. They are lost, but not forgotten and live forever in our hearts.   This weekend, I am wondering if our remembering may include a new group of Americans that have lost their lives. I am reflecting on our own Texas elementary children. Our recent reality is that the number one reason for children’s death in the USA is now gun violence; and … Read More

What is Happening This Week 5/19-5/22/22

            Holy Covenant Family!   What a fun worship service we have planned for Sunday at 10:30!   (NO 8:30 Service this week or Memorial Day weekend)   We will celebrate our Senior Class of 2022!  (Bring cards for them!)   Avery Campbell Tinashe Chivaviro Madelyn Mundell Preston Hinton Michael Saville   We will welcome the new Confirmation Class!   We will gather to celebrate at a lunch in the Covenant Center!  (chicken provided, bring sides and dessert!)   Join us for the celebration!     I will look forward to greeting you!   Shalom Blessings,   Pastor Cheryl   NO 8:30 am Worship THIS Sunday or NEXT   We will not meet at 8:30 this Sunday so everyone can celebrate our Seniors and our Confirmands during 10:30 worship and at the potluck lunch to follow.   10:30 am Sunday Morning Worship In-person and Livestreamed We … Read More

What is Happening This Week 5/12-5/15/22

              Holy Covenant Family!   We have a new baby in our family! Such a joy! Such a blessing! Killian Sammis Murphy was born 5-11-22 – such a cool date! I will share a picture (or 2) on Sunday. Everyone is well! And Kristen is thrilled to have that second heart beat on its’ own!   Join us on Sunday for worship outside at 8:30 am and in the sanctuary and livestreaming at 10:30 am. Sunday School classes are gathering and we will be having a churchwide meeting at 11:15 am to update everyone on Holy Covenant Ministries. Hope you will be with us! I will be reflecting on Simon Peter’s life as a disciple – it was far from a perfect journey!   Please plan on being with us next week at 10:30 am to celebrate our Senior class and our confirmands. There will be a celebration lunch at 11:30 am – … Read More

What is Happening This Week 5/5-5/8/22

            Happy National Day of Prayer,   This day has a long history in our country. It began as a part of the fall observance during the time of British rule in the New England Colonies as a call for prayer and thanksgiving. The day was moved to the spring by President Harry S. Truman in 1952 and named the National Day of Prayer. The day is honored and celebrated by many faiths. This year’s theme is: Exalt the Lord who has Established Us!   Please create time today for prayer. Universal prayer for all nations & people.  Prayer for peace. Prayer for our nation, military, leadership, people, and the blessing of diversity in our country. Prayer for our state, our community, our neighbors. Prayer to the Lord God that created and established all!   Join us on Saturday evening at 6:00 pm with or without a pot of chili. I can’t wait to try … Read More

What is Happening This Week 4/28-5/1/22

Holy Covenant Family,   Hope you will join us for May 1 worship! We will be sharing in the sacrament of Holy Communion through the eyes of the disciples walking to Emmaus on Easter afternoon. We are hoping the weather will be pretty enough to have the 8:30 am service outside and the 10:30 am in-person and livestreaming.    On Saturday, please pop by the back door by the kitchen with food for Austin Street. The Spiritual Journeymen will greet you and unpack your car! We are also receiving Food Pantry donations. Please watch for the May newsletter on Sunday where you will see the many fun activities planned for the next month!   I look forward to greeting you on Sunday!   Shalom Blessings, Pastor Cheryl  8:30 am Outdoor Sunday Worship We gather Sundays outside by the cross at 8:30 am.   In case of rain or extreme cold, worship will move inside and … Read More

What is Happening This Week 4/21-4/24/22

  Happy Easter!   What a wonderful celebration at Holy Covenant with the Covenant Carillons ringing and the Wesleyan Choir singing and everyone celebrating. There were so many who contributed to our Easter celebration – a BIG THANK YOU to everyone!    The celebration continues this week with a witness of the Easter Story told through the lens of angels and the Covenant Carillons. We hope you join us in the sanctuary at 8:30 am and 10:30 am and livestreaming at 10:30 am.    The shredding truck will be in the parking lot with our Green Team on Saturday morning from 8:30 to noon. Please take time following this tax season to clear out old unneeded documents and pop by the church. For a copy paper size box it will be a $5 donation!   Shalom Blessings, Pastor Cheryl   8:30 am Outdoor Sunday Worship We gather Sundays outside by the cross at 8:30 … Read More

What is Happening This Week 4/14-4/17/22

              Holy Week is in full swing!   Please join us this evening at 7:00 for a Maundy Thursday Worship Service in the sanctuary! We will be sharing in Holy Communion, music, prayers and beginning a long evening with Jesus. There is a Foot Washing service for the children in the Covenant Center with Laulie.   Join us Friday evening at 7:00 for the Good Friday Worship Service with a cantata presented by the Wesleyan Choir: Whispers of the Passion.   On Saturday, there will be a Family Day of Service at Metrocrest. Everyone is welcome! Bring Friends!   Easter Sunday there will be a Celebration Worship service at 8:30 am and 10:30 am! At 9:30 we will have a breakfast and telling of the Easter story in the Covenant Center followed by an Easter Egg Hunt for the children!    We will livestream Maundy Thursday, Good … Read More

What is Happening This Week 4/7-4/10/22

  Holy Covenant!   Palm Sunday Celebration together at last!!!!   This will be the first year in three that we can safely gather to wave palms and begin the celebration of Holy Week! If you would like to begin your day with worship, bring a chair, park in the back or on the side and join us outside for a Palm Parade celebration in our beautiful backyard at 8:30 am.   You are also invited to join the children and the choir to celebrate the Palm Parade at the 10:30 am worship service. We will celebrate with the peasants along the East Gate of Jerusalem waving and singing. We will be livestreaming but it will be much better if you join us in person! Part of the church is to gather together as a community and Holy Week is such a special gathering!   At 11:30 am, following the worship service, we … Read More

What is Happening This Week 3/31-4/3/22

              Holy Covenant Family,   Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather. Our trees are beginning to pop with blooms and baby leaves. A reminder of new life and new hope.   On Sunday, the Advocates invite us to their final Micah program on housing insecurities in our community. We have some wonderful speakers coming to share their stories and perspectives. Hope you will join us at 9:00AM in the sanctuary.    At worship we will be celebrating Holy Communion while we reflect on having a heart of compassion. We think of the compassion Jesus had for those he included in his ministry. We are called to do likewise.   I look forward to greeting you on Sunday!   Shalom Blessings, Pastor Cheryl   The recent announcement that the General Conference has been postponed until 2024 has brought several questions regarding the future of The United Methodist Church.   Bishop … Read More

What is Happening This Week 3/24-3/27/22

              Holy Covenant Family,   Hope everyone is safe and well after a rough stormy start to our week in Carrollton.   We are hoping for some financial gifts this week (last Sunday of the quarter) that will help us to cover Holy Covenant expenses. If you are not current on your pledge, please drop a check off on Sunday or go ONLINE to give. We are struggling with the mail and have missing checks. Please be sure the checks you have sent have been received. We are grateful for your faithful generosity!   We have a very special Micah Sunday this week beginning at 9:00 AM in the sanctuary. Some of our church families, that have experience with foster and adoption programs, will be sharing their unique stories. They will help us understand more deeply the challenges parents face and the amazing kids we have in our midst! Hope … Read More