What is Happening This Week 3/24-3/27/22

              Holy Covenant Family,   Hope everyone is safe and well after a rough stormy start to our week in Carrollton.   We are hoping for some financial gifts this week (last Sunday of the quarter) that will help us to cover Holy Covenant expenses. If you are not current on your pledge, please drop a check off on Sunday or go ONLINE to give. We are struggling with the mail and have missing checks. Please be sure the checks you have sent have been received. We are grateful for your faithful generosity!   We have a very special Micah Sunday this week beginning at 9:00 AM in the sanctuary. Some of our church families, that have experience with foster and adoption programs, will be sharing their unique stories. They will help us understand more deeply the challenges parents face and the amazing kids we have in our midst! Hope … Read More

What is Happening This Week 3/17-3/20/22

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!   Hope you are dressed in green from head to toe today!  Today everyone is Irish!   Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather giving us such hope of spring! We have another wonderful Micah Sunday program from the Advocates on Sunday at 9:00 AM in the sanctuary. The topic will be Environmental Justice with a very interesting video and discussion. Hope you will join in our journey to becoming a change maker.   Worship will be at 8:30 & 10:30 (live streaming) reflecting on a heart of listening. Our Lenten journey is bringing us closer to walking in Jesus’ footprints and hearing his voice in our lives. And as I warned in the beginning, the Lenten journey brings some unexpected moments and detours. Be faithful. Be focused. Be present.    I find this prayer from St. Patrick helpful: Be still and know I am God. Be still and know I am. Be … Read More

What is Happening This Week 3/10-3/13/22

              Happy Spring Break!   Some families are off this week, and others next week! So Happy Spring Break whenever you have it! I miss being a kid and getting a break for a whole week! Where did those fun days go?!?!?!   And to be honest, this is my least favorite Sunday of the year – Daylight saving time robs us of the hour of sleep we happily gained last fall. So we are starting at church the same time, but it will feel like an hour earlier!   Hope you will join us for our Micah Sunday program on People of Forced Migration in the Dallas area. The program will be in the sanctuary and livestreamed at 9:00 AM. During worship we will be reflecting on having a heart of peace. Jesus tells us in the Beatitudes: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the … Read More

What is Happening This Week 3/3-3/6/22

Happy Lent!   Hope your Lent is beginning with spiritual renewal through prayer, addressing habits that lead to restoring your relationship with God, and joining us to new insight on the world around us. These Lenten opportunities will lead us to holy living and a faithful journey to the cross.   This week we will be blessed by the presence of Dr. Ron Henderson (see bio below).   Please join us for ONE WORSHIP SERVICE at 10:30 AM. Enjoy our daily devotionals from church family. For now, masks are optional in the Holy Covenant building. Please continue to be safe and well.   I look forward to welcoming you on a very exciting Sunday for Holy Covenant!   Shalom Blessings, Pastor Cheryl   NO 8:30 am WORSHIP THIS SUNDAY   8:30 worship will resume March 13.    10:30 am Sunday Morning Worship In-person and Livestreamed We hope you are joining us either in-person, … Read More

What is Happening at Holy Covenant This Week 2/24-2/27/22

              Holy Covenant Family,   Hope you are warm, home and safe on this bitter cold icy day!    We have some very special worship opportunities over the next 10 days for everyone! This Sunday we will be reflecting on a mountaintop experience with Jesus. Perhaps that is what we are searching for during our Lenten journey. On Wednesday, March 2, we will begin that holy journey with our Ash Wednesday worship service at 7:00 PM.    On March 6, as we begin our Sunday worship in Lent, we will begin with a very special guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Ronald Henderson. Laulie will begin Children’s Church for the elementary kids following the children’s time. (No 8:30 worship that day!) Following the worship service, Project Unity, Rev. Andy Lewis & the HC Advocates will host a wonderful conversation and lunch. Reservations are needed so we can order enough meals and … Read More

What is Happening This Week 2/17-2/20/22

  Happy Thursday!   Hope you are finding your way to feeling healthier and stronger as we enter the second half of February. Today’s brisk wind and cloudy weather feels wintery and unwelcoming. However, it does help us to appreciate spring when it arrives!   Join us on Sunday as we focus on praying and the Lord’s Prayer. We have all said the prayer so many times in our lives that for many of us the words tumble out of our mouths in a familiar rhythm automatically. Thinking about the prayer, the meaning, and the call it makes on our lives might add an understanding or at least remind us of the importance of prayer.    You will have an opportunity to sign up for the Racial Justice lunch discussion hosted by Project Unity and Rev Andy Lewis on Sunday, March 6.   Hope the blessings of agape love are following you through your … Read More

What is Happening This Week 2/10-2/13/22

Holy Covenant Family,   We are celebrating love this week in worship! When we gather on the eve of St. Valentine’s Day, we will not be reflecting on a passionate, romantic eros love with a reading from Song of Solomon: Chapter 1:2-3 If only he would give me some of his kisses . . . Oh, your loving is sweeter than wine!  Your fragrance is sweet;         your very name is perfume.         That’s why the young women love you.   Nor will we be in the Gospel of John 2:11 attending the wedding in Cana witnessing Jesus’ first miracle of transforming water into wine and bringing his disciples to a place of belief through philia love. This was the first miraculous sign that Jesus did in Cana of Galilee. He revealed his glory, and his disciples believed in him.   We will be reflecting on Agape Love that was addressed in the … Read More

What is Happening This Week 2/3-2/6/22

              Happy Snow Day!   Hope you are safe, warm and cozy somewhere on this cold snowy day. I have always loved snow days: no school, hot chocolate, no schedule, cozy blankets to cuddle in – and stuck in a house with people I love! A fun perfect day! Hope you are enjoying it too!   Please join us on Sunday for a Holy Communion worship service. If you are feeling like it is too cold to join us in person at 8:30 or 10:30 in the sanctuary, please gather with us by live streaming. As you prepare, please plan on participating with communion. If you are with me, I have it covered. If you are at home, please gather bread or crackers and any juice or wine so you can bless these elements with us. This holy meal is a way of gathering as the Body of Christ and remembering our … Read More

What is Happening This Week 1/27-1/30/22

              Holy Covenant Family,   At the beginning of this week my niece posted: Welcome to January 74th. And although January has 31 days, it has really felt like a very long month this year! So many of us have been impacted with illness and allergies. I hope and pray February will be a month of healing and wellness returning!   As I’m writing this note, the ECDP Preschoolers are visiting with all kind of reptiles in the sanctuary! I hope none are left behind for worship on Sunday! The voices of children and the participation in a wonderful Rainforest Week has been such a joy! Kammie Powell created the activities this week and has led a team of volunteers to engage our little ones in such an adventure! There has been such excitement!   I look forward to greeting you all on Sunday. We are going to be reflecting on … Read More

What is Happening This Week 1/20-1/23

              Happy Cold January!   Winter arrived! Hope you are warm and safe. So many of us are feeling challenges these first weeks of a new year with a variety of illnesses, exposure to illnesses and breaks in school availability. We continue to pray for those on the front lines in health care, in schools and with complicated health issues.    For a much-needed bit of January joy, we have a very special worship experience planned for our 10:30 service.  The Chivaviro family, who has been worshiping with us for the last year, will come out from our pews and teach us some new music while sharing their story to serve God. Rev. Togarepi Chivaviro (Pastor Toggie) is a Methodist pastor from Zimbabwe. He has been writing music for years, as well as leading worship. We will hear his original songs that are being released on his birthday this … Read More