Building Use Information

Holy Covenant will often rent itself out for community events and weddings. If you have any questions about the procedures or costs associated with this, contact our church office at (972) 492-2432 or read the Building Use Policy below.

Property and Building Use Policies

  1. Use of all property belonging to Holy Covenant United Methodist Church (HCUMC), including buildings, grounds, parking lots, and equipment shall be confined to religious, educational, and approved social activities.
  2. Scheduled HCUMC activities have priority over community or special interest group requests for use of the property. Meetings and other activities may not be scheduled which conflict with regularly scheduled events or any special event involving the congregation of HCUMC.
  3. There shall be no charge for the use of any facilities for HCUMC sponsored events or meetings.
  4. Charges for the usage of the facilities of HCUMC for outside groups not sponsored by HCUMC shall be as follows:
  5. Reservations for all HCUMC meetings or events must be made at least ten (10) days in advance through the church office.
  6. Reservations for usage of any facilities of HCUMC not directly affiliated with HCUMC must be scheduled at least fourteen (14) days in advance, but no more than forty-five (45) days in advance; and, are subject to the approval of HCUMC staff.
  7. All activities not sponsored by HCUMC necessitating childcare must make childcare arrangements when reserving usage of any portion of HCUMC facilities.
  8. Individuals scheduling the facility for weddings must make personal arrangements for music and/or vocal accompaniment. Building use fees are based on the facilities to be used. Refer to the "Wedding Information Sheet" for further information.
  9. Appropriate chaperones are required for meetings and/or activities for children and youth under eighteen (18) years of age. The adult(s) reserving use of the facilities must be present at all times during the meeting or activity; and, shall be held responsible for the safety and conduct of the participants and for the security of the facilities.
  10. Keys required to enter the facility will be provided only to the person scheduling the building. Keys may not be duplicated, and must be returned to the church office within two business days of the scheduled activity.
  11. Final interpretation of these policies is the responsibilities of the Staff and Trustees. The above to the best of their judgment will decide any matter not explicitly covered in this policy.

Special Rules

  • In case of the fire alarm ringing, evacuate the building immediately.
  • If the fire alarm is set off accidentally, immediately notify the fire department and the church staff.
  • When leaving the facility, all areas used are clean, lights turned off, air conditioning/heating is left as instructed, and all outside doors are locked.
  • Any damage of the building or equipment must be reported to the church office when keys are turned in.
  • Any kitchen utensils and/or appliances used must be properly washed and returned to their appropriate place.
  • Trash bags must be disposed of in the dumpster, and new trash bags placed in receptacles.
  • Phones may be used for local calls only.
  • Food and drinks are allowed only in the meeting room next to the kitchen, or the gym if a banquet type activity is planned.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted under any circumstances.
  • Use of the facility is confined to the area reserved for the meeting/activity. No unauthorized exploring of the building(s) is permitted.

Emergency Contact phone numbers: