Carol Sparks

Senior Pastor

Pastor Carol believes we must identify our passions and allow God to use them to change the world. Her passions are making a place for people to not only find but to experience the acceptance, grace and love God intends for all God’s creation to enjoy. It begins with the ability to meet people where they are without judgment. Her goal is to walk in her role as spiritual guide as a person of invitation.

Carol Sparks

Pastor Carol seeks to inspire through her preaching, teaching and mentoring people to have an experience of God’s love that changes how each feels about themselves and others. Carol is a spiritual leader who believes the church is not to provide a feel good escape from the world but rather to provide guidance and support to work for peace and hope in our world.

Carol attended Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University and was ordained as an Elder in The United Methodist Church in 2009.

Carol is a foster and adoptive parent and believes all children have the God given right to be loved and safe. Carol’s family is comprised of many who have committed to love and honor one another and enjoy laughing often and loudly. Carol is a person inspired by song, nurtured through gardening and grounded by prayer.

Office Phone: (972) 492-2432

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